2020 Election 

"In politics, there is often a ‘strategy over inspiration’ mindset.But if you don’t connect the mind with the heart, you’re alwaysgoing to have trouble connecting. We had to change the language from ‘we’re doing an ad to get people to vote’ to ‘we’re going”todo an ad that inspires people to engage with democracy." 

- Brandon Santiago, filmmaker 

2020 Video Recap

Center for Cultural Power & Cultural Engagement Lab

For the general election in 2020, the nation was faced with an unprecedented feat: entrust voters to risk exposure to Covid19, battle voter suppression, and participate in the democratic act of voting. In response, an arts non-profit, Center for Cultural power amped up its electoral voice and reignited their political arm, Cultural Engagement Lab to actively encourage voters in key swing states: Arizona, Nevada, Texas, Michigan, Georgia, Florida, and Pennsylvania. 

My role with the C(4) arm was to serve as a liaison between the internal team of strategists and the production teams tasked with creative political content. The result was more than 60+ videos created with collectively over 20 million+ views garnered from movement partners and the general public.  In addition to the creation, we beta tested over 23 videos with a data analytics company to determine with the best response to mobilization, emotional response and other valuable metrics.  [Read 2020 Breakthrough Report]

With the C(3) side, I sourced and commissioned over 10 BIPOC artists to create electoral thematic works of art to display on the digital channel for the non-profit. This art engaged artists who would normally not feel involved within electoral campaigns. 

Featured Artist: Lani Rodriguez

Featured Artists: Amanda Ponce

Featured Artist: Nneka

Summary: Cultural Strategy, Project Management, Creative Direction, Electoral Politics

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